McDowell County Cemeteries



   Algoma #2

   Ambrose Mullins




   Belcher Mountain

   New Belcher Mountain

   Old Belcher (Burke Mtn)

   Benny Rowe

   Ball Family

   Big Creek

   Big Creek Cemetery II

   Big Creek Cemetery III

   Big Sandy/Hensley









   Burke Mountain

   Caleb Smith





   Charlie Cole

   Charlie Vance



   Church Family

   Claburn - Bud - Hicks

   Collins - Transcription 1

   Collins - Transcription 2


   Collins Family




   Crumpler Mountain

   Dan Rose

   Dan Stacy Family Cemetery

   Dave Estep

   Davidson Family




   Dollar Family

   Doyle Riffe Family

   Dunford Family Cemetery



   Everett Mullins


   Floyd Easterling

   Fountain Smith Lockhart



   Garfield Dotson

   Gary #9


   George & Sarah Rowe

   Glenn Rose - Reuben Hicks


   Gus Wimmer





   Harrison Woody

   Harrison Steele


   Harve Rowe


   High Knob


   Iaeger Memorial Roderfield

   Irvin Payne

   Jack Murphy

   Jacob H Rowe

   James Wimmer



   Jim Vance

   John Addair Family


   Josia Ann Imes


   Justice Family

   Kelly Mullins



   Kimball 1


   Lee Kennedy







   Lone Oak


   Martin (Sandy Huff)

   Mary Lou

   Matthew Baker


   Mike Roberts



   Mitchem Ridge


  Andy Mullins




   Noah Bailey

   Noah Mullins

   Noah Stewart

   North Welch

   Norwood Mountain

   Old Harman


  Perry Vance

   Polly Blankenship

   Poplar Grove



   Preston Mullins




   Roosevelt Hagerman


   Roberts - Iaeger

   Roberts - Johnnycake


   Robinson Family

   Rock House

   Rock House 2

   Rock House Mountain



   Sarka's Mountain


   Shady Grove





   State Line No. 2



   Thomas Coleman


   Tom Day

   Tom Sparks

   Tommy Lester

   Tom's Mountain




   WA Estep





   War-Cove II

   W. H. Hatfield

   Wiley Mullins

   William Kennedy



   Woods Family

   Woody - Mitchell



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