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Auto Insurance Tips: It’s Snowing, Now What

Weather plays a big part in accidents; just ask any highway patrol, ambulance company, or fire department. As soon as it starts to snow or sleet, emergency crews get ready. Snow is not a new concept so why is it such a problem for drivers and how can you be safer on the road?

Underestimating The Roads

Most people involved in accidents caused by weather will tell you that they didn’t think it looked that bad. This is especially the case in rain when the roads shouldn’t be slick since the rain drains off. However, the rain mixes with the oil on the roads to cause slick spots. Driving at high speeds can cause you to hit a patch too fast and spin out of control.

Black ice is also a problem since you can’t see that it is there. Another issue is when the roadways have melted from being treated or warmer temperatures and then they refreeze. You may not realize at what point the streets and highways start to get hazardous to travel. The best defense is to always assume they are not safe and drive slower than you would normally.

Keep Your Distance

You cannot control what other drivers do on the roads, but you can stay away from them. Allow more space between you and the vehicle in front of you than you would in normal weather. If they spin out of control, you have more room to stop. And if you start to lose control of your vehicle, you can concentrate on getting back in control instead of where the other car is located.

Check Your Car

It’s important to keep your car in shape any time of the year, but especially in bad weather. Check tire pressure and tread to ensure that it will provide traction in the snow. You also want to make sure your brakes are working properly and that your defroster and windshield wipers can keep your windows clean.

Before venturing out into the weather, find out about the road situation. You can check online or listen to radio reports to find out which roads are in the best condition. If the route you normally take it not safe, you have time to choose an alternate route.

Preventing an accident will lower your auto insurance quotes according to, so it is important to play it safe in the snow. Learn how to drive in the snow when you do not have a deadline. You can even find an empty parking lot to practice getting your car back under control when it starts to spin. This will help you remain calm in a real situation.

Stay Home

If it is possible, stay home in bad weather, especially at night. Don’t go out unless you have to. This will reduce your chances of getting in a weather-related accident, which can raise your auto insurance quotes and damage your car or injure you and others.